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Hello, fellow god! Before making a purchase, let me walk you through some things 🙂

These packages are energetically designed to serve you in the highest, most aligned way possible. No one package is better than the other. They are all charged with the same life force intended to guide you. So, let the packages draw you in:)

I will guide you through whatever area you are called to explore with me. Just you, me, and a whole lotta love!

The Eagle says you are destined for greatness. It reminds you that flying into the unknown is your ticket to absolute freedom and fulfillment. It’s time to use your built-in gifts to soar to infinite skies, love.


What the Eagle offers you:

  • EIGHT (40min) sessions via Zoom calls
  • Channeled messages specifically for you
  • A channeled gift (mp3)
  • 10% off for another divine animal package of your choice!
  • 15-min free tarot reading

This experience will be uniquely yours! See you on the other side ❣︎