Spiritual Conversations and Channeled Guidance

About Me

Ah, introductions.

Hello fellow gods, I’m Moon Merthur, and my Virgo rising is a big fan of neatly organized structures, so let’s see if I can best utilize that.

Who I AM: I am a channeler, holistic spiritual guide, and teacher. From a very young age, the mystical is where I felt most at home. You know that feeling of ‘I can’t live without air?’ That’s what it’s like for me. If the High Priestess fell in love with a mindful mortal, I’d be their baby.

How My Mind Works: My higher mind loves (absolutely LOVES) bridging the human stuff with divine truths. You will soon discover that it paints pictures and draws original parallels of “big” esoteric concepts and gives it to you in an easy way. Nice and simple.

What I LOVE to do: I pair that “mind” gift with my clair(s) – clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance – to guide souls in the highest, most aligned way possible.

Your Experiences with me: will be uniquely yours. Together, in a safe space, we will explore any theme you want – from spiritual teachings and shadow integration to channeled messages and quantum manifestation. Just you, me, and unconditional Love!

My Spirit animals: The majestic mama elephant and the sacred, slithery serpent.

Light and Shadow: After a decade of living a lob-sided existence, life showed me the way. It helped me adopt a more balanced approach to everything as you and I walk through the Shadows with Light (my two favorite words).

My Constant Friendly Reminders: Well, two, at least. 1) You and I and every inch of creation are The All There Is experiencing itself from a different point of view. And 2) we are infinitely worthy and unconditionally loved just because we exist! (Which is the foundation of Gods and Mirrors)

And So,

I INVITE YOU to join me on Gods and Mirrors – our cozy, collective space on the Tubes, as they say, for spiritual conversations and channeled guidance❣︎